Thursday, April 06, 2006

Evening activities

We were bussed over to the Tarlton Law Library tonight and had a lovely, relaxed time just chatting and taking tours of the library. We got to see the art collection and the rare books room.

Afterwards, a group of us decided we were still hungry and went down 6th Street and stopped at the Iron Cactus for dinner, where we chatted and watched the denziens and tourists trooping up and down the street.

Next up: the breakfast business meeting waaaay too early.

What I learned about Austin

I was told last night that the streets in Austin are named after the rivers in Texas and in order of? Please help me on this!

I hope I have this correct...Dina??

Tomorrow's Schedule

Don't miss:

1. Sabrina Pacifici's session on Competitive Intelligence Research
2. Searching for Health Law Online
3. Find out about XML
4. Learn about Statutory and Regulatory Products
5. Discover Legislative History Research
6. Find Tools for Addressing the ABA Section 605 Instructional Mandate

Students, don't forget the roundtable chat with our AALL Representative, Lyo. And Lisa Rush is coordinating the Formation of the Texas County Law Librarian Chapter.

First Day

It was a fantastic first day and I second everyone's motion on how great the Bar & Grill Singers' performance! Our speakers for today were wonderful and I heard many great comments about all the programs. It was nice to get an update on the U.S. Patriot(sp) Act, hear strange but true reference questions, open source journals, and find foreign and international laws. Thanks to all the speakers and moderators that made this possible!

A special thank you to the local arrangements committee and the volunteers for keeping the registration desk going, picking up our speakers from the airport, handing out evaluations, and just making sure everything is running smoothly.

See you tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. Boy, that is early for some of us!

Interesting patrons...

Amy Hale-Janeke and Peggy Martindale gave a wonderful, funny, and somewhat sad program on those interesting patrons in public situations who you are not sure whether or not they are quite sane. They had lots of funny stories, acted out situations, and gave practical tips on how to handle the problem patrons of the world. The best piece of advice: don't ever belittle anyone, even if they are talking to invisible people.

Next up: jumpstarting foreign/international research.

I've been Grilled!

I second Jennifer's take on The Bar & Grill Singers! They were great! So funny! This is the first time that I've ever seen/heard them, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Check out their website. You can buy their CDs and check their schedule to see if they will be coming to a town near you.

First program and opening luncheon

I went to the preconference program on cataloging, presented by Joni Cassidy of of Cassidy Cataloging. It was a swift look at some of the interesting problems that face law library catalogers.

More on this later.

The opening luncheon had the Bar & Grill Singers, who are practicing attorneys and judges, changing words to (law)suit the strange legal world. It was great, and they donate a percentage of their sales to pro bono.