Monday, April 10, 2006

Attendees' List

We are working on updating the attendees' lists for the recent SWALL annual meeting. We'll be sending it out via e-mail by the end of the week.

Thank you.

Speakers, Powerpoints and Handouts

The speakers powerpoints and handouts will soon be available on the SWALL website. I'll keep you posted when they are ready for viewing. Thank you.

Executive Board for 2006-2007

Introducing the new Board members:

Barbara Fullerton, President
Anna Teller, Vice-President
Peggy Martindale, Secretary
Caren Luckie, Treasurer
Yvonne Chandler, Past President

Last entry

I'd like to thank the Academy - oops, wrong organization.

Seriously, I'd like to thank Terri Wilson and the grants committee for selecting me for the Coco-Miller grant, which allowed me to come to SWALL for the first time in nine years. I'd also like to thank Barbara Fullerton for encouraging me to apply for the grant, and I'd really like to thank my firm for allowing me the time off to attend the meeting. It was a wonderful meeting, and every session I attended exceeded my expectations. I might even catch up on my sleep one of these days.

I hope to be able to attend SWALL again in the future. Cross your fingers!

Most sincerely,
Jennifer Stephens


Peggy Martindale said she had several people ask her where she got the "I'm a Librarian. Don't make me shush your *" t-shirt. Here's the link!

Peggy says this holds the secret of how to obtain the t-shirt and much more.