Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm a blogger, she's a blogger, he's a blogger...wouldn't you like to be a blogger too!

The SWALL Blog is now open!
The blog will be available for SWALL members and conference attendees from March 14th to April 15th. Check it out daily for new information. RSS Feed is also available. Photos will also be seen on our SWALL website and on Flickr.

Sharon Blackburn
Kris Niedringhaus
Jennifer Stephens
Terri Wilson
Barbara Fullerton

The SWALL Blog will feature short articles, announcements, room change notifications, pictures, reviews of programs and events, and comments. The blog will also serve as a source for articles that may be included on the SWALL website.

If you would like to blog throughout the meeting or simply post an occasional article or picture, you must:

1. be a member of SWALL

2. request a login password by e-mail from Barbara Fullerton at bfullerton@10kwizard.com

3. agree to the blogger guidelines, which will be sent to you in an e-mail with your username and password

Anyone will be allowed to comment on posts.

Barbara Fullerton


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